Potatoes, cactus, onions and eggs recipe April 07 2016, 0 Comments


This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy edible cactus.
Just slice some potatoes and fry them along with some diced onion.....
when it's almost done add some eggs and stir to get them cooking.... place your diced cactus in as the eggs start cooking. the cactus does not really need a lot of cooking... and if you cook it too long it'll leak out and wither....
after the eggs have set roll the mix into warm tortilla shells to make easy breakfast burritos.
The cactus chunks have a great taste that you can detect in every bite.
Actually.... this and many others can taste even better the next day. So make lots and have extra so you can taste it after it's had a day to meld flavors... each bite of cactus is like a great taste exploding... it's hard to describe it really.... you'll just have to try it to see!
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