The new cactus leaves of spring February 24 2016, 0 Comments

The new cactus leaves are growing out.
I took some photos yesterday, showing some just starting to burst out, and some in various stages to fully mature for excellent quality Commercial Grade Cactus pads for the restaurant trade.

We will be starting the commercial harvest this spring in the middle of March. The first deliveries will go to the Bay Area in California. We expect to be in good production in time for Cinco de Mayo.

edible cactus

Cactus leaves just starting to push out from the cactus scaffold branches. They will be fully mature edible cactus in a month to two months, depending on the weather.


edible cactus

Young nopal leaves, almost ready for harvest as our extreme gourmet grade-A edible cactus... for gourmands....
the flower will be snapped off to allow more energy to go to producing leaves.


edible cactus leaf

This is a good size for a Grade-A cactus leaf. These are the most premium.... for special company, your mother-in-law, boss, or the President of Mexico!


This is the size of a premium Commercial Grade-C cactus leaf.

These will be selling like hotcakes in two months for Cinco de Mayo