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Tempura fried cactus tacos! April 23 2016, 0 Comments

Oh, this does sound good!
And what an excellent idea for Cinco de Mayo!

From the site: Blue Apron

"Nopales are the edible, fleshy pads of the prickly pear cactus. They're harvested shortly after rains when they're plump, juicy and full of nutrients..... Follow this recipe and you'll be enjoying crispy, tempura-style nopales tacos in no time."


Nopales Tempura Tacos with Chipotle Vegetables & Cotija Cheese ingredients

Potatoes, cactus, onions and eggs recipe April 07 2016, 0 Comments


This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy edible cactus.
Just slice some potatoes and fry them along with some diced onion.....
when it's almost done add some eggs and stir to get them cooking.... place your diced cactus in as the eggs start cooking. the cactus does not really need a lot of cooking... and if you cook it too long it'll leak out and wither....
after the eggs have set roll the mix into warm tortilla shells to make easy breakfast burritos.
The cactus chunks have a great taste that you can detect in every bite.
Actually.... this and many others can taste even better the next day. So make lots and have extra so you can taste it after it's had a day to meld flavors... each bite of cactus is like a great taste exploding... it's hard to describe it really.... you'll just have to try it to see!
friend cactus recipe with cactus, potatoes and onions








Cactus Tacos ~ Tacos de Nopales March 14 2016, 0 Comments


Cactus Tacos ~ Tacos de Nopales

Tacos de Nopales

While not strictly vegetarians (not even loosely vegetarians, in fact), we’re always looking for ways to extend Meatless Mondays well into the week. Vegetarian tacos are usually a pretty easy way to do that, though for us, that generally means tofu or fish. In fact, cactus might not have occurred to if not for Jason Wyrick‘s entirely enticing dish in Vegan Tacos. We’re always looking for a reason to go to our favorite Mexican market, and the hunt for nopales is just the one we’ve been waiting for.


“Nopales are prickly pear cactus pads,” says Wyrick, a chef who used a vegan lifestyle to reverse his diabetes and change the way he ate and lived. “They take some care to work with properly, but when you do, they are amazing. They have just a little tang and a nice bright flavor. I usually find the fresh ones at a Mexican market. You can make these either in a pan or on the grill.”

Between this dish and the Wyrick’s many other variations on the vegan-taco theme, our Meatless Mondays (and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays…) are looking a lot more interesting.

Vegan Tacos

Vegan Tacos
Authentic and Inspired Recipes for Mexico’s Favorite Street Food
by Jason Wyrick

Vegan Heritage Press


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