Cactus Recipes

Nopal Shake Recipe January 19 2016, 0 Comments

A lady shows her use of powdered cactus, protein powder, frozen berries and fruit juice as a quick and easy way to add some fiber to her diet while taking advantage of the many benefits of the Natural Healing Cactus. Our cactus can be used in place of the powder and some of the juice.

A Cactus Smoothie, an excellent way to get your dose of cactus January 19 2016, 0 Comments

This looks like a fun smoothie to make. Horchata is a rice milk with cinnamon. Our cactus is excellent in a smoothie without being peeled or cooked, but sauteing it in agave nectar sounds interesting. Cooking is sometimes about stepping out and trying something new.

How to Prepare Nopales (Cactus Pads), by Sunset January 17 2016, 0 Comments

I LOVE it when people not associated with us or cactus growers highlight the fine taste of cactus paddles.

Note, our cactus leaves are not this involved to clean. It's kind of sad that a great place like Sunset did not get higher quality leaves from 'little ol us' here in California. Our cactus clean up with just a rubbing, and they are great raw!

La Costeña English Nopal January 17 2016, 0 Comments


Patricia Lopez of La Costeña Foods shows how easy a cactus salad can be to make.

Do know that our cactus is fine raw chopped into a salad or salsa. Many of our customers are raw-food aficionados. 

Cactus-Aloe Smoothie, the SUPER Longevity drink January 17 2016, 19 Comments


Markus Rothkranz shows how to prepare one of the healthiest powerful drinks possible, using two of the most healing plants on the planet, the Prickly Pear cactus AKA Nopales) and Aloe Vera.

Really, as much talking as this guy does about cactus health-benefits you'd think I've paid him to advertise for us! BTW, he's not  a teeny-bopper.... he is a lot 'older' than I'd have thought. Maybe his healthy living is showing real dividends!