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How Should We Handle Our Cactus Pads? How do I remove a cactus spine? September 26 2016, 9 Comments

A customer asks "How should we handle our fresh cactus pads?"
I'd recommend using plastic dish-washing gloves when handling the fresh pads. They are mostly not very spiny... but there are very occasionally a real spine that grows as a 'bad actor'... and they also have some of the tiny 'glochids' that are fairly-much invisible. They are on the dark spots and usually only are a problem on the super tender bits of fingers... for me the webbing for instance... they can be hard to see they are so invisible.... if you first feel it a trick is to run your hands through your hair... the glochids have backwards-facing barbs to keep them in the skin.. the barbs still sticking above the skin often catch in the hair and pull the loosely lodged glochid out.
One could also use tweezers and a magnifying glass to show the nearly transparent and 'oh so tiny' glochids. But be careful because they can also break off at the skin surface, making them doubly hard to pull out.
For glochids and for bigger spines you might try 'drawing salve' from a pharmacy. It is made from shale oil, and you put the oily-smelling stuff as a dark tarry goo onto the skin over the affected area... then warp loosely with a gauzy material. Over about 12 hours the salve will cause the tissue to reject the barb, and it will work its way through the gauze to be trapped in it... ideally when you lift the gauze away the barbs will be in the gauze.
Once they are broken off below the skin-line they will work their way out in a few days as the body fights them as a foreign object... it might even fester a bit raising pressure, and enclosing the barb in a sheathing of 'goo' to dislodge it from the skin.... basically the 'captured' skin and tissue loosens from the active healthy tissue, this way it all shoots out soon as a plug with the glochid inside and then the hole will heal normally....
I harvest the pads with plastic gloves because I handle so many, and recommend others use gloves when handling the fresh pads until they have been wiped-down under running water.
How to remove a cactus spine

Cous cous and cactus May 29 2016, 10 Comments

I think that cactus pads ought to be considered much as one would an herb. Add a little bit to almost anything you cook... but generally it's not the thing you eat as a single serving entirely alone.

Here's a recipe I made up to vary my love for cous-cous....

I cooked the cous-cous in the regular way... boil some water and add some olive oil, then the grain. Let it simmer for ten minutes then pull form heat, and leave covered for five minutes or so, and it'll be ready to add to the rest of the mix.


I add almost anything I like as the main mix to go with the cous-cous.  Usually I like some cooked peas and corn.... today I decided to add kidney beans and dicded tomatoes along with one cactus pad, scrubbed under running water, then diced.

Nopalea grande cactus pad

Nopalea grande cactus pad diced

I added the cactus to the red beans and corn and tomato-spice mix when it was almost done. Our cactus does not really NEED to be cooked, but when everything else is hot, the cactus should be too.

Nopalea grande cactus pad diced into a veggie mix

Then when the cous-cous has been placed into a bowl, the cactus/tomato mix is spooned over the top.

cous-cous and cactus

Yes, it was really tasty




World Turtle Day, May 23 2016 May 23 2016, 0 Comments

American Tortoise Rescue Celebrates World Turtle Day 2016 Today!,c9894220

Grilled Nopales (Cactus) Huaraches May 20 2016, 0 Comments

MMmm... these cactus Huaraches look good.
The page is from Kraft foods, I'm glad to see them promoting 'real' foods.

This seems like a fine way to use cactus as an herb (and a dinner-plate).

There are many ways to eat cactus, this is just one!

Grilled Nopales (Cactus) Huaraches Image 1

Nopales and Scrambled Eggs May 19 2016, 13 Comments

Here's one of my favorite ways to eat cactus, fried with scrambled eggs!
I also like to fry potatoes and onions until almost done, add the eggs and scramble them until almost done, then add the cactus and cook it long enough to just heat the cactus. Then some salt and pepper and salsa as it is loaded into heated tortilla shells.....

These make excellent breakfast burritos and are an easy thing to wrap and take to work for lunch.

Local Foods Expert Molly Watson explains it all.

Image of Nopales and Eggs - Photo © Molly Watson


Five Star Review for Edible Cactus May 18 2016, 0 Comments

Here's another Five-Star review of our edible cactus...

"Great Fresh Yummie
Texas Customer on May 16, 2016
Really high quality, delivered as promised, Almost a citrus like flavor."

This customer has been sent the secret code to get a five dollar discount on her next box of edible cactus.

And to tell the truth...
I get all happy and prideful when someone from Texas compliments us on our cactus.
We enjoy showing people how they can eat cactus, and how many great cactus recipes there are, and how healthy cactus is.

Grade-C organic Edible Cactus


Yes, there's an app for that. May 17 2016, 0 Comments

Get the Rivenrock Cactus App.
With this one can take advantage of specials, or place an order of cactus 'on the fly'.

Our Android app is at GooglePlay


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Half of the visitors to our website use a mobile device to visit... 
for many of our regular customers this might be convenient.

However it works, we want you to try to eat cactus!


$5 discount on cactus for a written review May 10 2016, 12 Comments

We got our first Customer Review on the website since we rebuilt it in January.
We've decided we'll give everyone who writes a review a coupon code for a $5 discount on a box of cactus.


From a 'five star review'!

Awesome nopales
May 09, 2016
These are the highest quality. Delicious.


If you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity go ahead and post a review from the link above, and we'll send you a discount code to use when you order your next box of cactus. The code should be sent within a few days of notification.



Nopales Rellanos April 26 2016, 0 Comments

Here's a Spanish-language video showing the making of Nopales Rellanos. Since cooking is international, any cook in the world should be able to follow-along, and listen to the beauty of the Spanish language.

Get your pen and paper to write down the ingredients which are shown at the beginning. This is an extremely tasty way to eat cactus.


Cactus Party for Cinco de Mayo! April 24 2016, 0 Comments

This looks like fun.





You can see more Cinco de Mayo party decorations at Cactus Party Essentials