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How to prep cactus pads April 24 2016, 0 Comments

Here's a video showing how easy our Nopalea grande is to prepare.
There are many ways to eat cactus.....

Give it a try!




Tempura fried cactus tacos! April 23 2016, 0 Comments

Oh, this does sound good!
And what an excellent idea for Cinco de Mayo!

From the site: Blue Apron

"Nopales are the edible, fleshy pads of the prickly pear cactus. They're harvested shortly after rains when they're plump, juicy and full of nutrients..... Follow this recipe and you'll be enjoying crispy, tempura-style nopales tacos in no time."


Nopales Tempura Tacos with Chipotle Vegetables & Cotija Cheese ingredients

Cactus Salad Recipe April 13 2016, 0 Comments

Here's a nice cactus recipe that uses grilled cactus to add to the salad.

In this recipe one cooks the olive-oiled and salted cactus over a grill until the color changes to a deeper green and some evidence of charring happens. The cactus is removed from the grill and cooled overnight, then it is chopped the next day and added in a bowl with  tomatoes, onions, chilies, cilantro and cheese. Drench with more olive oil and some vinegar, some more salt and some black pepper. Toss well. Serve on plates lined with lettuce leaves, and garnish with avocado slices sprinkled with cracked pepper garnish.

Oh, let me tell ya, this is one fine salad!

On an accompanying note... I recommend adding sweet corn sliced off the cob and some canned black beans.

Potatoes, cactus, onions and eggs recipe April 07 2016, 0 Comments


This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy edible cactus.
Just slice some potatoes and fry them along with some diced onion.....
when it's almost done add some eggs and stir to get them cooking.... place your diced cactus in as the eggs start cooking. the cactus does not really need a lot of cooking... and if you cook it too long it'll leak out and wither....
after the eggs have set roll the mix into warm tortilla shells to make easy breakfast burritos.
The cactus chunks have a great taste that you can detect in every bite.
Actually.... this and many others can taste even better the next day. So make lots and have extra so you can taste it after it's had a day to meld flavors... each bite of cactus is like a great taste exploding... it's hard to describe it really.... you'll just have to try it to see!
friend cactus recipe with cactus, potatoes and onions








5 Nopales Cactus Recipes for Cinco de Mayo April 05 2016, 0 Comments


For this Cinco de Mayo, we’re skipping the carne asada and enchiladas and swapping them for a more traditional ingredient: cactus.


ladybugs on the nopal edible cactus March 21 2016, 0 Comments

Ladybugs help the cactus

When strolling through the garden
If you should chance to see
A ladybug out walking,
Please say "hi" for me!
For ladybugs are good bugs,
They help the garden grow
They will bring you good luck,
So always say "hello"

~Author Unknown~

ladybugs on the nopal edible cactus

Nopales and grass March 20 2016, 0 Comments

Yes, there is a lot of edible nopal cactus in the grass.
This is the time and the season to cut the grasses, opening the cactus plants up to the warmth of the sun and stimulating the springtime growth, just in time for Cinco de Mayo sales that will start in a month.
We can see the older more mature nopal plants much further down the hill reach above the grasses, and largely inhibit nearby grass growth once they have a good size to them. This is through an action called 'allelopathy' whereby the cactus exude substances through their roots that inhibit germination or growth of many other plants nearby, excluding them from the cactus patch.

nopal cactus hillside growing area

'Artisan-Grown' edible nopal cactus pads March 18 2016, 0 Comments

This is why we call these 'Artisan-Grown' edible nopal cactus pads.
Just before we start the larger commercial harvests we cut the grasses growing around the plants over the winter. The grasses from the rows are cut and laid in among the cactus plants in order to shade the soil. The grasses from the pathways are also cut and placed gently around the cactus.
This has several benefits"
1. Removal of the grasses will open the plants to the warming affects of the sun. This will stimulate the summer growth and formation of new cladodes (cactus pads, edible cactus leaves, nopales).
2. The cut grasses will help shade the soil, reducing temperature spikes and helping keep the cactus roots cool and conserving moisture. If the roots don't cook, the plant can take more sunshine and heat and grow faster.
3. As the year goes on the leaves and the straw from the grass stems will slowly decompose into the soil, adding to the biosphere of the soil zone.

Cutting by hand is more challenging. A mechanical string trimmer is faster, but the grasses are chopped up and fly everywhere, including damaging the growing cactus.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.
And this cactus is worth growing for our customers.
And I will grow it right, and leave this soil richer and deeper than when I got here.



Esta es la razón por la que los llamamos "Artisan-Grown'.
Justo antes de empezar las grandes cosechas comerciales cortamos las hierbas que crecen alrededor de las plantas durante el invierno. Los pastos de las filas se cortan y se sentó entre los cactos en orden a la sombra de la tierra.
Las hierbas de los caminos se cortan y coloca suavemente alrededor de los cactus.
Esto tiene varias ventajas"
1. Extracción de las gramíneas se abrirá las plantas afecta al calentamiento del sol. Esto estimulará el crecimiento de verano y formación de nuevos cladodios (pastillas de cactus comestibles, hojas de cactus, nopales).
2. Cortar la hierba ayudará a la sombra del suelo, reduciendo los picos de temperatura y ayudando a mantener las raíces de cactus fresco. Si las raíces no cocine, la planta puede tomar más sol y calor y crecer más rápido.
3. Como el año pasa sobre las hojas y la paja de los tallos de pasto se descomponen lentamente en el suelo, agregando a la biosfera, de la zona de la tierra. Cortar a mano es más desafiante. Un recortador de cadena mecánico es más rápido, pero las gramíneas están picados y volar por doquier, incluso dañar el cultivo de nopal Si vale la pena hacer, vale la pena hacer lo correcto. Y esto vale de nopal creciente para nuestros clientes. Y voy a crecer bien, y dejar esta tierra más rico y más profundo que cuando llegué aquí.

Industrial use of cactus March 18 2016, 0 Comments

We grow other practical cactus than what we have on the website and talk about the most. This one is going to a customer who uses it in some formulations. The plant is Opuntia robusta.
We enjoy working with the various companies that use our cactus for production purposes, whether freeze-dried and cubed or powdered, as well as the various chefs, restaurants, food stores and home cooks who use our nopal cactus.

Opuntia robusta

Picking Nopales, making nopalitos March 15 2016, 0 Comments

I was picking and packing nopal cactus today and had the urge to take pictures of the nopales pads.
We have here Grade-D (juicing Grade) cactus and Grade -C Gourmet grade nopal cactus pads in these pics.
This is the quality we've got being harvested right now.


Yo estaba recogiendo y embalaje nopal cactus hoy y tenía ganas de tomar fotos de los nopales pastillas. Aquí tenemos la categoría D (zumo de grado) y cactus -C GRADO grado Gourmet nopal cactus pads en estas fotos. Esta es la calidad que tenemos está cosechando ahora.

nopales cactus pads


Above we have Grade-C nopales cactus. This is the grade we recommend for most culinary uses. This is an easy-to prepare nopal cactus that needs just a wiping under running water to clean off. They are excellent raw in salsa or a cool refreshing cactus salad. They can also be mixed with other foods as another ingredient in a healthy diet. Add some nopalitos diced-fine to your meatloaf and see how much moister the loaf is. Fry nopales in with other vegetables in a stir fry. Fry some potatoes and scramble eggs in, as the eggs are almost done toss your chopped cactus in, stir and spoon them into tortillas to make breakfast burritos.



Arriba tenemos la categoría C cactus nopales. Este es el grado que recomendamos para la mayoría de los usos culinarios. Esta es una forma fácil de preparar nopal cactus que sólo necesita un barrido bajo un chorro de agua para limpiar. Son excelentes materias en salsa o un cactus refrescantes ensaladas. También pueden ser mezcladas con otros alimentos como otro ingrediente en una dieta saludable. Agregar unos trocitos finos de nopalitos a su pastel de carne y ver cuánto más mojado el pan. Freir nopales con otras verduras en un salteado. Freír las patatas y los huevos revueltos, como los huevos son casi hecho balancearse en sus cactus en picado, agitar y cuchara de ellos en las tortillas, burritos de desayuno.


nopales cactus pads (cladodes)

This photo shows the Grade D 'Juicing Grade' nopalea cactus we're harvesting right now. The quality and looks changes through the year, it is a plant that grows outdoors after all. These Grade-D Juicing-grade cactus are thicker skinned with more weight per nopal pad. These are the leaves that grew over the winter. They've seen a few storms, but they are full of life. This is the grade people who are going to juice them might want to use. They have a lot more fiber than the younger leaves. 


Esta foto muestra el grado D 'exprimir' cactus nopalea grado estamos cosechando ahora. La calidad y analiza los cambios a través del año, es una planta que crece en el exterior después de todo. Estos Grado D exprimir cactus grado son más gruesas de piel con más peso por nopal pad. Estas son las hojas que crecieron durante el invierno. Ellos han visto pocas tormentas, pero están llenos de vida. Esta es la clase de personas que van a ellos el jugo que desee utilizar. Tienen mucha más fibra que las hojas más jóvenes.